About Us

             We are group of marine engineers who have studied  together  and now working in different vessels all over the world.  A best site for mariners who are appearing for all marine exams ; that is our dream  and we  are trying to make it come true.we are receiving hundreds of mails regarding our articles and questions.

We would like to define our success  simply: we want to equip you with  knowledge to pass the exam simply by  providing all the key things in one point. Marinesite is providing question answers with discussion forum through which you can interact with  the world.

What we are telling to the mariners
" When you intend to do something innovative in life, people will tell you that you can not do it but when you prove that you can, the same person would ask you: How you did it? So don't give up.

  Every one of you is a born genius,you just need to recognize your gifted potentials. Wishing you all a happy marine career. Stay blessed and be happy always.Peace and blessings be up on you all."

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