Why Inert Gas (ig) is not used in bunker tanks and only for cargo tanks

IG is not used in bunker tanks because of following reasons,

>Washing of cargo tanks on a regular basis is required to remove 'clingages' (residue) adhering to tank bulkheads. 

>These clingages amount to almost hundreds of tonnes for a typical VLCC thus affecting cargo carrying capacity. 
Explosions of tankers have occured mainly during tank
washing with water (Pre-IG ships) and the tanks were not inerted. Because of the static electricity produced
>Fuel oil bunker tanks are not washed regularly so inerting is not required
>In simple words if the tanks are washing regularly we have to provide ig system in bunker tanks also

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  1. moreover, copts are in engine room while tanks are forward, it requires positive pressure for pumps to take suction,while the case in bunker, fuel oil transfer pump is just besides the tank with positive pressure

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  2. Accumulation of static charge is also considered coz flow rate in cargo t/k is much higher than bunker t/k

    1. ya.. static charge is another reason... nice thought....


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