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        It is a complete guide for Marine Engine Two Stroke Engine. This is a good collection of notes prepared in the purview  of Marine exams in  a simple and easy understandable language with  bullet points.

As it is impossible to answer all questions at a time it is done on timely basis. please comment below or contact on, once you find any important area, missed out.  Also contact us, if you wish to answer any of the questions listed.


Bed Plate, A Frame, Tie Rods, Chocks
> Forces Acting On Tie rods

Piston and piston rings
> If a piston has suffered damage/crack, how is the main Engine Unit out off?
> How to remove piston?

Cylinder Head & Cylinder Liner

Exhaust valve & Stuffing Box
> Stuffing box components
> What is the difference between stuffing box drain oil and scavenge space drain oil?
> Do two stroke engines need tappet clearance adjustment? Why?

LO System
Properties of main engine crankcase and cylinder Lube Oil 
> Why Lube Oil TBN of Main Engine is less than Auxiliary Engine? 

Telescopic Pipes
> What is Telescopic pipes
> Why telescopic pipes used for oil lubrication?

Fuel Oil System



Cooling System
> Why is an expansion tank provided in jacket cooling water system?

> How will you test the opening pressure of a crank case relief door?
> Setting pressure of crankcase relief valve? Relationship between area of relief valve and volume of crankcase.

Procedure for taking bottom end bearing clearance 

Starting & Reversing 
> Starting interlocks on Main Engine.
Starting Air Valve Diagram, Function and working

Manoeuvring diagram
> During Manoeuvring if automatic air starting valve gets seized, What action will you take

Stern Tube
> Sketch stern tube lubricating oil system.

Thrust Block
> Trust block diagram?
What is the role of the Thrust block?
> Where it is placed with reason?
> If thrust bearing lubricating oil temp. is getting higher, what action will be taken by you? 

Alarms And Safeties

> Why do we Blow through Engines? Procedure
> What is after burning and what are its symptoms?

> How exhaust gas temperature increase after the exhaust manifold. why?
> How do you come to know an exhaust valve is leaking in any cylinder’?
> Exhaust temp of one unit is high; what could be the reason?
> If water is found in crank case LO, what could be the cause?
> Give reasons for main engine not starting on air.
> What will you check if piston cooling and jacket cooling temperatures start going high?
> What are the symptoms of piston crack and liner crack? 
> What action will you take? State the symptoms at of piston running hot.
> State the symptoms at of piston running hot. Piston cooling oil outlet temp high


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