Life Saving Appliances LSA Onboard Ship Simplified Notes For Exam

         It is a complete guide for LSA Life Saving Appliances onboard Ship. This is a good collection of notes prepared in the purview  of Marine exams in  a simple and easy understandable language with  bullet points. As it is impossible to answer all questions at a time it is done on timely basis. please comment below or contact on, once you find any important area, missed out.  Also contact us, if you wish to answer any of the questions listed.


 > Lifeboat Equipments 
 > Lifeboat Markings And Fittings
 > Launching Procedure of Open & Enclosed lifeboat
 > Weekly Cheks and Maintenance of Lifeboat 
 > Safeties on life boat
Life raft
 > SOLAS regulations, Safeties 
 > Launching procedures
 > Marking on Life Raft
 > HRU, breaking strength, weak link and painter
 > Equipments carried on life raft and life raft ration
 > Reasons for using CO2 for inflation of life raft

Other Life-Saving Appliances                     
 > Line throwing apparatus Regulations

General Alarm & PA System
Public Address System Regulations

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