Ship Rudders: Parts, Function, Types with simple diagram

                          The basic form of a rudder is a flat plate or sheet of material which is used to steer the ships, boats, submarine etc. Rudder operates by

Crash Manoeuvring Of Main Engine Procedure

Crash Stop Or Crash Manoeuvring
        It is the turning of Main engine in opposite direction to reduce the ship momentum to avoid collision or grounding.   

What is Freeboard of Ship? Why Tankers have Less Freeboard?

Freeboard of the Ship
         Freeboard  is the vertical distance from the waterline to the uppermost continuous deck which is also known as freeboard deck .
        If there is no freeboard, the deck will be on water line

Causes, Effects and Prevention Of Turbocharger Over-run

          Over-running of turbocharger means, it runs in more RPM than designed in a particular load. Turbocharger Over-run happens in constant pressure turbo-charged engines.

Stopping and Depressurising Procedure for Marine Boilers

     Stopping and Depressurising procedure for Marine Boilers        
            Boiler needs to be stopped for various reasons like maintenance, survey etc. Depressurising the boiler is a lengthy procedure, before depressurising please read the manual and risk assessment that is to be taken. 

Hydraulic Locking (Hydrolock) Of Main Engine And Auxiliary Engines

Hydraulic Locking (Hydrolock) 
Hydrolocking is an abnormal condition of  reciprocating internal combustion engine. Hydraulic lock occurs when water, fuel or lube oil accumulates on top of the piston during engine is at rest , resulting in a condition where the  piston cannot complete its travel Since  the liquids being incompressible.

What Is The Difference Between Condenser And Heater/Cooler

 >Condensers, as name suggest, which condenses vapors into liquid state . In other words condenser is a device which is used to transfer latent heat of condensation from vapor of a medium fluid to cooling fluid.

Starting Air Valve Leak Testing Main Engine

Starting Air Valve Leak Testing 
  • There are two methods to test the leakage of starting air valve in main engine.

What Is Circuit Breaker, Operation?

Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected. Unlike a fuse, which operates once and then must be replaced,

What Is A Fuse, Working Principle And Types?

 A fuse is an essential device used in various electrical circuits which gives the protection from the over-current. It comprises a strip or a metal wire that dissolves when the heavy flow of current supplies through it.