MEO Class 4 Oral Questions And Answers

                  Meo Class4 Exam is one of the toughest exams in  the area of marine engineering.Marinesite  extends a helping hand to aspirants all over the world to crack this exam easily. Here we have resolved each subject in to small portions.    even though it is  difficult  to compile all possible questions , still we are  working very hard to achieve the goal. if you feel  that any important questions remains untouched or any significant area unexplored from the distributed portions, please give your valuable opinions by posting a comment below on those portions.
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How to Crack Meo Class 4 Exam Easily

       Function 3(Safety)

                     > Navel Architecture
                     > Ship Construction
                     > Solas 
                     > Marpol
                     > LSA
                     > FFA

        Function 4B & 6
                   > Main Engine
                   > Auxiliary engines
                   > Auxiliary Boiler
                   > Purifier and clarifies
                   > Air compressors, Refrigeration & A/C 
                   > Pumps
                   > Freshwater Generator
                   > Ows and Sewage Treatment Plant
                   > Steering Gear
                   > Refrigeration and Air conditioning
                   > Deck machinery
       Function 5
                   > Important Electrical topics


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  1. can you publish a link for downloading these questions in pdf format

    1. currently we don't have provision to download but we are planning to introduce an android app... please subscribe for updates.