SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) | Guide | Notes

  It was a long cherished dream to make a guide for SOLAS .Even though it is not  that easy to make it simple,  here begins a humble attempt to create a  simple SOLAS guide in the purview  of Marine exams in  a down to earth , lucid and  understandable language with  bullet points.

As it is impossible to answer all questions at a time it is done on timely basis. please comment below or contact on, once you find any important area, missed out.  Also contact us, if you wish to answer any of the questions listed.

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: Construction – Subdivision and stability, machinery and electrical installations
> Emergency towing arrangements on tankers
> Steering gear regulations
Regulations For Emergency Generator
Regulations For Crankcase Relief valve

Chapter2.1:Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction
> FFA ( Complete Guide Inside)

Chapter 3: Life-saving appliances and arrangements
LSA  (Complete Guide Inside)

Chapter 4: Radio communications

Chapter 5: Safety of navigation
Steering gear test
> Automatic identification System
> Long Range Identification And Tracking Of Ships
> Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) 

Chapter 6: Carriage of Cargoes
>Material Safety Data Sheet

Chapter 7: Carriage of dangerous goods
International Bulk Chemical Code (IBC Code)

Chapter 8: Nuclear ships

Chapter 9: Management of safe operation of ship 
ISM Code, DoC and SM
> Safety Management System SMS 
> What Is Conformity And Major Conformity 

Chapter10: Safety measures for high-speed craft

Chapter11.1: Special measures to enhance maritime safety
> Ship Identification Number
> Continuous Synopsis Record

Chapter11.2: Special measures to enhance maritime security
> ISPS Code 
> Ship Security Alert System
> Ship Security Plan
> Ship Security Officer
> Company Security Officer
> Port Facility Security Officer

Chapter12 : Additional safety measures for bulk carriers

Chapter 13: Verification of Compliance

Chapter 14: Safety Measures for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

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