Pumps on Ships | Simple Guide | Notes

      It is a complete guide for different Pumps on ship. This is a good collection of notes prepared in the purview  of Marine exams in  a simple and easy understandable language with  bullet points.
As it is impossible to answer all questions at a time it is done on timely basis. please comment below or contact on admin@marinesite.info, once you find any important area, missed out.  Also contact us, if you wish to answer any of the questions listed.


Centrifugal Pump
> Explain Working of Mechanical Seals with Diagram 
What is Cavitation, Causes and Remedies 
> Centrifugal Pump Characteristics 

> Checks And Starting Procedure for a centrifugal Pump
> Why does centrifugal pump not have relief valve? 
> Why centrifugal pump cannot be used in OWS? 

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