Main Engine Alarms, Safety Devices & Interlocks 2- stroke marine diesel engine

> Lube oil Low Pressure alarm
> Lube oil sump low level alarm
> Lube oil pump trip alarm
> St'by Lube oil Pump start alarm
> Jacket water high temperature alarm
> Jacket water high temperature alarm
> Jacket water low pressure alarm
> Jacket water pump stby start alarm
> Piston cooling low pressure alarm
> Piston cooling high temperature alarm
> Control air low pressure alarm
> Sealing air low pressure alarm
> Start air low pressure alarm
> Exhaust gas high temperature alarm
> Turning Gear engaged alarm
> Turning gear disengaged alarm
> Turbo charger out high temperature alarm
> Turbocharger in high temperature alarm
> Scavenge high temperature alarm
> Thrust bearing high temperature alarm

> Lube oil low low pressure trips
Camshaft lube oil low low pressure trip
> Piston cooling low low pressure trip
> Main bearing high temperature trip
> Spring air low pressure trip
> Over speed trip
> Oil mist detector alarm
> Manual emergency trip
> Thrust bearing high temperature trip

Safety Devices
> Crank case relief door
> Scavenge space relief door
> Cylinder head relief valve
> Starting air relief valve
> Starting airline flame trap
> Oil mist detector
> Rotation direction interlock
> Turning gear interlock

> Turning Gear Engage Interlock
> Running Direction Interlock
> Auxiliary Blower Off Interlock
> Starting Air Distributor In end Position Interlock
>  Air Spring Pressure Interlock

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