1: The purpose of inert gas systems aboard tank vessels is to __________.
a. allow sufficient oxygen in the tank to sustain life
b. prevent outside air from entering the tank
c. provide increase in cargo discharge pressure
d. comply with double hull pollution prevention regulations
2: In reference to accidental oil pollution, the most critical time during bunkering is when ________

a. you first start to receive fuel
b. hoses are being blown down
c. final topping off is occurring                                           
d. hoses are being disconnected

3: When giving mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing to an adult, you should breathe at the rate of how many
breaths per minute?
a. 4                                                             
b. 8
c. 12                                                           
d. 20

4: An inert gas system installed on a tanker is designed to __________.
a. aid in the stripping and cleaning of cargo tanks
b. increase the rate of discharge of cargo
c. force toxic and explosive fumes from a cargo tank to vent to the outside atmosphere
d. lower the oxygen levels inside cargo tanks, making explosion nearly impossible

5: Your ship is sinking rapidly. A container containing an inflatable liferaft has bobbed to the
surface upon
functioning of the hydrostatic release. Which action should you take?
a. Cut the painter line so it will not pull the liferaft container down.
b. Swim away from the container so you will not be in danger as it goes down.
c. Take no action because the painter will cause the liferaft to inflate and open the container.
d. Manually open the container and inflate the liferaft with the hand pump.

6: The atmosphere in a tank is too lean if it is __________.
a. incapable of supporting combustion because the hydrocarbon content is below the LFL (Lower
Flammable Limit)
b. capable of supporting combustion because the hydrocarbon content is above the UFL (Upper
Flammable Limit)
c. capable of supporting a fire once started
d. not safe for ballasting

7: Inflatable liferafts are less maneuverable than lifeboats due to their __________.
a. shape                                                                 
b. shallow draft
c. large sail area                                                   
d. All of the above

8: What is the generally accepted method of determining whether the atmosphere within a cargo tank is
explosive, too rich, or too lean to support combustion?
a. Use the open flame test on a small sample that has been taken from the tank.
b. Send a gas sample ashore for laboratory analysis.
c. Enter the tank with an oxygen analyzer.
d. Use an explosimeter

9: Before using a fixed CO2 system to fight an engine room fire, you must __________.
a. secure the engine room ventilation
b. secure the machinery in the engine room
c. evacuate all engine room personnel
d. All of the above

10: You are fighting a fire in the electrical switchboard in the engine room. You should secure the power, then
a. use a portable foam extinguisher
b. use a low-velocity fog adapter with the fire hose
c. use a portable CO2 extinguisher
d. determine the cause of the fire

11. The minimum concentration of a vapor in air which can form an explosive mixture is called the
a. auto-ignition point
b. flash point
c. lower explosive limit (LEL)
d. threshold limit value (TLV)

12: The deck water seal of the inert gas system __________.
a. cools the inert gas and prevents soot from entering the cargo tanks
b. acts as an emergency system shutdown when the inlet pressures exceed the safe working pressure in
the hazardous zone
c. prevents the backflow of hydrocarbon gasses into nonhazardous areas
d. relieves sudden large overpressures in the system

13: The explosive range of petroleum vapors mixed with air is __________.
a. 0% to 1%                                        
b. 1% to 10%
c. 10% to 15%                                  
d. 12% to 20%

14: Fuel oil tank vents are fitted with a screen which will stop __________.
a. oil from flowing out of the tank vent
b. air from entering the tank vent
c. vapors from leaving the tank vent
d. flames on deck from entering the tank vent


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