Reverse Power Flow, Motoring Effect And Reverse Power Relay

Reverse Power Flow  
  > The flow of current back to the generator which is connected in parallel is called reverse power flow.
  >This may occur because of the failure of prime movers, at the time of paralleling and when generator is in off load.

Motoring Effect    
   >If the generators are parallel and one fails, the failed generator draws current from main bus bar (ie from other generator) and act as a motor is called motoring effect.
   >Motoring effect cause drawing of high power from circuit and cause damages to the crank shaft.

Reverse Power Relay    
    >Reverse power relay monitors the direction of power flowing between generator and the load.
    >Reverse power relay detects the reverse power flow and trips the generator circuit breaker.
    >If the prime mover is a turbine the reverse power pick up setting of 2-3%
    >If the prime mover is diesel setting range of 5-15% is adopted.


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