Thermal Protective Aid (TPA) and Immersion suits

Thermal Protective Aid (TPA)
  • The TPA is an aluminized polyethylene suit with heat sealed seams that protects from a temperature range of -30°C to +20°C and reduces both convective and evaporative heat loss from the wearer’s body. 
  • Its International Orange color ensures the user is highly visible in all weather conditions.
  • The aid should not be used in water and should be discarded for swimming.
Immersion suits
  • Immersion suits ( survival suits) can significantly improve survival time in cold water.
  • It is a special type of waterproof dry suit that protects a person from hypothermia
  • It help to float on water.
  • It is well known that a person’s chances of survival when immersed in water are improved only by the ability to remain dry and maintain the body temperature at a comfortable level. It has designed it’s Immersion suit to protect you in situations where the danger of hypothermia is great, thereby greatly increasing your chances of survival.