1. Which of the following can lead to premature failure of roller bearings?
A. Misalignment
B. Contamination
C. Shrinkage
D. Over greasing

2. Vacuum priming pumps which work on the principle of fixed vane pumps require _____________ for _______ clearance between vane tips and casing. 
A. Lube oil, lubricating 
B. Lube oil, sealing
C. Water, sealing
D. Gland packing, sealing

3The difference between the discharges of a centrifugal pump n reciprocating pump
the discharge of centrifugal pump is _____________while that if reciprocating is _____________
A. Turbulent, Laminar
B. Intermittent continuous
C. Continuous pulsating
D. Pulaating continuous

4. Copper tubing is used in refrigerant system because
A. It has less internal resistance
B. It is cheaper compared to other materials.
C. It is easier to check leaks in copper based system
D. None of the above

5. Which of the following is a correct point for sampling of system lube oil for on board or shore analysis?
A. Standpipes
B. Purifier outlets

C. Inlet or outlet of L. O. coolers
D. Tank drains

6. The size of solid particle contaminants in hydraulic systems is measured in: 
A. Millimeter cubed 
B. Nano-millimeter 
C. Microns 
D. Micro millimeter

7. In Impressed Current Cathodic protection system , the current for cathodic protection is supplied by : 
A. Use of sacrificial anodes 
B. A low voltage D.C. supply 

C. A low voltage A.C. supply 
D. 110 V A.C. supply 

8. The attached vacuum pump of a ballast pump operates on the principle of a: 
A. Centrifugal pump 
B. Reciprocating pump 
C. Gear Pump 
D. Vane Pump 

9. The purpose of an evaporator in the domestic refrigeration system is to 
A. Transmit latent heat of evaporation 
B. Absorb latent heat of fusion 
C. Absorb latent heat of evaporation 
D. Transmit latent heat of fusion

10. A thin layer of electrolyte trapped in a small pits on a metal surface , and remaining stagnant over a period of time , may cause : 
A. Erosion 
B. Bimetallic corrosion 
C. Crevice corrosion 
D. Corrosion fatigue 

11. Sherardising , Chromising and Calorising fall under which of the processes of metal coating application : 
A. Thermal spraying 
B. Electroplating 
C. Diffusion coating 
D. Metal cladding 

12. When running TWO centrifugal Pumps in parallel, Flow rate"Q" is increased. 
A. True
B. False 
C. May Be 
D. I Don't know

13. During flooding of a dry dock the following items must be verified 
A. All sea valves are operational 
B. All overboard discharge valves are operational 
C. Stern tube seal are operational 
D. All of the above 

14. Cladding is the process used for :- 
A. Protection of metal surfaces against corrosion 
B. Protection of metal surfaces against erosion 
C. Protection of metal surfaces against cavitation erosion 
D. Protection of metal surfaces impingement corrosion 

15. A sea chest filter has to be cleaned. Which one of the following best practice should be followed prior opening the filter? 
A. Close inlet & outlet valves of the filter before opening the filter 
B. Close inlet & outlet valves of the filter, then open the vent to release pressure before opening the filter 
C. Close inlet & outlet valves of the filter before opening the filter 
D. Put the other sea chest into use, isolate the filter by closing inlet & outlet valves, purge the filter body to depressurize it and then open up slowly 

16. Types of corrosion in fresh water of D/E
A. Stress
B. Hot corrosion
C. bimetallic

D. selective phase corrosion

17. The machinery which is usually tested first once the ship reaches a dry dock is 
A. Engine room crane 
B. Engine room lift 
C. Gantry crane for engine room 
D. All of the above 

18. Surface preparation of steel surfaces, prior carrying out painting isimportant because (choose the best alternative):
A. Any rust and contaminant inclusions may cause local paint film breakdown
B. Too much paint will be consumed if surface preparation is not carried out
C. Surface will be very rough if proper surface preparation is not carried out
D. Surface preparation deposits a chemical onto steel surface which reacts with paint film and causes
strong bonding

19. Air compressor cooler tube type
A. Spring type
B. Floating type
C. Fixed tube
D. U tube

20. Which of the following V/V cannot be overhauled in place without removing piping?
A. BallValve
B. Diaphragm valve
C. Globe valve
D. Butterfly valve

21. Refer cooling tubes act as self-cooling & expansion by
A. Straight tube
B. U tube

C. Spring tube
D. Y tube

22. The flow rate through a F.O. transfer pump will not be affected by which of the following factors? 
A. Low F.O. temperature
B. Low sounding in F.O. tank
C. Internal leakage within the pump

D. Leaking discharge valve

23. Increasing the rotational speed of a cargo pump the pump flow rate will: 
A. Increase in direct proportion to the increase in speed
B. Decrease in direct proportion to the increase in speed
C. Flow rate does not depend upon speed
D. Flow remains same

24. Before putting into operation a coalescer type Oily Water Separator, it is important to: 
A. Fill it up with purge water
B. Drain it completely
C. Switch off the heater
D. Keep the three way valve manually open

25. The water from discharge side of the a centrifugal pump is supplied as sealing water to the stuffing box for the pump shaft at: 
A. Sealing ring 
B. Shaft sleeve 
C. Lantern ring 
D. Neck bush 

26.The delivery rate of an axial piston hydraulic pump is controlled by varying the position of the _____________.
A. tilting box
B. slide block
C. pintle
D. reaction ring

27.viscosity of fuel oil used for ME was 145cst,new fuel comes whose viscosity was more than earlier, what should you do
A.  increase temp setting
B.  change setting of viscotherm
C. do nothing
D. open steam valve manually more

28. Graphitisation is the term used to describe:
A. Bimetallic corrosion of brass and bronze alloys leading to deposition of graphite
B.  Selective phase corrosion of grey cast iron leading to corrosion of graphite flakes and leading to lossof strength
C. Electroplating process in which graphite is deposited on the mild steel components to protect them against corrosion
D. Chemical reaction between pure graphite and iron so as to increase the graphite content of iron

29. During shutting down the purifier you find that purifier always vibrates heavily for some time and then becomes normal until it finally comes to a stop. What should be done to avoid this situation? 
A. The purifier bowl should be cleaned before next startup
B. The brake should be applied so that the critical speed doesn’t last long

C. Complete overhaul of the purifier should be carried out and the bearings need to be renewed
D. The bowl should be sent for balancing

30.Motor stator winding badly contaminated by dirt, oil and grease should be cleaned by:
A. High pressure compressed air
B. Suction or vacuum cleaning 

C. Brushing, spraying or immersion in an approved cleaning solvent
D. Immersion in fresh water followed by drying

31. Which one of the following cannot provide galvanic protection to copper-

32.Corrosion protection of steel surfaces by zinc coating can be carried out only at temperatures below 65 Deg. C . For higher temperatures :

A. Zinc reacts very fast and thus can only provide protection for a limited time
B. Zinc reacts with steel and protective layer vanishes due to chemical reaction
C. Steel may corrode preferentially to the zinc
D. Dezincification occurs leading to removal of zinc coating

33.Normally so called single screw pumps are used as sludge pumps in engine room. What is the correct technical name of these pumps? 
A. Snake Pump
B. Screw Pump
C. Progressive cavity pump
D. Gerotor Pump

34.Which of the following is NOT a rotary motion valve?

A. Gate valve
B. Butterfly Valve

C. Ball valve
D. Plug Valve

35. Which of the group of method are used for priming of centrifugal pumps onboard ships?

A. Gravity tank, attached vacuum pump
B. Attached Vacuum pump, filling pump casing using a fresh water hose
C. Central priming system, attached vacuum pump, sea water priming
D. None of the above

36.Hot corrosion in exhaust valves and fire side of boiler mainly when :

A. Fuels containing vanadium content with high sodium content are used
B. Fuels containing vanadium content with low sodium content are used

C. Fuels containing high vanadium and high sulphur content are used
D. Fuels containing high sulphur content is used and the exhaust temperatures are uncontrolled and exceed 600 deg. C

37. Aluminium being lower than zinc in galvanic series provides lesser protection to steel compared to the zinc coating . which one of the following is a true statement :

A. aluminium coating provides good corrosion protection compared that of zinc at elevated temperatures
B. zinc is always preferred over aluminium coating irrespective of the temperature of metal surface
C. aluminium is never used as coating material
D. aluminium reacts with steel , so cannot be used for coating steel

38. Which one of the following is a type of corrosion :-

A. Electroplating
B. Galvanisation
C. Graphitisation
D. Demulsification

39. The coating on a electrode used for electric arc welding _____________
A. creates a gas shield to prevent oxidation of the weld material
B. helps the weld formation by shaping the metal transfer
C. provides an electrical insulation for the user
D. All of the above

40. Which of the crankshaft is lighter, if same power required
A. Welded type
B. Forged type
C.  Semi built
D.  Fully built

41.In a reciprocating pump the direction of flow depends upon:

A. Direction of rotation of the pump
B. Position & fixing of suction and discharge valves
C. High pressure to low pressure
D. Whether pump is single acting or double acting

42. Accelerated corrosion due to removal of protective surface films (e.g.) oxide layers on metal/alloy surfaces due to turbulence of working fluid is known as

A. Bimetallic corrosion 
B.  Impingement corrosion
C. Cavitation erosion
D. Selective phase corrosion

43.Which of the following is an important requirement for proper functioning of sacrificial anode system :- 
A. Good Insulation between anodes and ships hull 
B. Good electrical continuity between anodes and ships hull 
C. Providing protection of anodes from being painted over during hull painting
D. Presence of an insulating material between anode and the cathode 

44. In modern 2-stroke, marine diesel engines, the combustion chamber is designed to have a _____________ shape to suit 3 fuel injector used 

A. Cylindrical
B. Toroidal
C. Cycloidal
D. Spherical

45. Resistance to corrosion of Aluminium alloys is due to :

A. Aluminium being a very noble metal when compared to other metals in Electrochemical series
B. Formation of Aluminium oxide(Alumina) passive film on surface
C. The rate of corrosion is very low due to very high corrosion potential
D. All of the above.

46. Why is use of Polymer treatment restricted to low-pressure boilers?

A. It does not effectively control sludge formation.
B. It does not effectively control scale formation.
C. It has no PO4 present to counter caustic alkalinity
D. All of the above

47. Corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel is more in presence of Oxygen or aerated water because :-

A. Oxygen inhibits the chemical reaction to take place between the
stainless steel and other metals

B. Oxygen combines with stainless steel to form a passive oxide film on
the surface which increases resistance to corrosion
C. Presence of oxygen in fact increases the rate of corrosion and
stainless steel will get corroded at a much faster rate
D. Oxygen gets adsorbed onto stainless steel surface rendering it passive

48. During cleaning of the sea water suction filter, it was found that at some places the mesh size has increased either due to corrosion or due to mechanical Damage. What action is required?

A. No action is required, it is quite normal for sea water filters to get corroded and it will not effect the pump in anyway

B. Keep the pump which is having corroded filter on standby use while keep
using the other pump. Meanwhile order for the new filter
C. The pump can be run without filter for a short time, while the filter
is being repaired
D. Permanent repairs to the filters should be carried out before putting
it into service, or it should be replaced with good spare filter

49. A thin layer of electrolyte trapped in a small pits on a metal surface , and remaining stagnant over a period of time ,
may cause :
A. Erosion
B. Bimetallic corrosion
C. Crevice corrosion
D. Corrosion fatigue

50. The centrifugal pump are normally
A) Positive displacement type
B) Rotodynamic
C) Screw type
D)Gear type


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