Safety Objective Questions

1. Which of the following statements about LRIT is False?
A. Regulation on LRIT is included in Chapter V of SOLAS
B.LRIT has longer range than AIS
C.LRIT, like AIS, is a broadcast system that transmits information about ship's identity, location date and time of position to all in range
D.LRIT and AIS should not have any interface

2. The parent instrument of IMO is: 
A.UNCLOS I, 1958 
B.UNCLOS II, 1960 
D.The IMO convention

3. Number of maximum sprinkler head in a section should be _____.
A. 200
B. 150

C. 100
D. 250

4. Which of the following identification particulars of a ship will never change even with change of
owner or flag?
A. Name of the ship
B. Official number of the ship
C. IMO identification number
D. Call Sign

5. Which of the following Convention is also known as Minimum Standard Convention?
A. Maritime Labor Convention.
B. ILO convention no. 147.
C. STCW Convention 1978.
D. STCW Convention 1995.

6.  As per requirements of Marpol, Annex 1, all ships delivered on or after 1st Aug. 2010 with an aggregate oil fuel capacity 600 m3 and above, the oil fuel can be carried in: 
A. Any of the tanks without any restriction
B. Deep tanks and Double bottom tanks
C. Deep tanks in protective locations
D. Double bottom tanks not extending upto the ships side

7. Which type of portable fire extinguisher is best suited for putting out a Class D fire?
A. Dry chemical
B. CO2
C. Foam
D. Dry powder

8. Reporting of near misses, incidents and accidents is a requirement under:
A. ISO 9001:2001 code
B. ISM code
C. ISO 14001

9. As per definition of MARPOL Annex-1, a Crude oil tanker means a tanker designed to carry: 
A. Crude oil and other dirty oils
B. Crude oil along with some refined products
C. Crude oil only
D. Crude oil, but alternatively may carry at times dirty and clean oil products also

10. What would you consult to determine the number of persons required on duty while loading a cargo of leaded gasoline on your tanker?
A. 46 CFR Part 15 (Manning)
B. Certificate of Inspection
C. Oil Transfer Procedures Manual
D. IOPP Certificate

11. The maximum allowable weight of a portable fire extinguisher is ______________
A. 13.5 Kgs
B. 23 Kgs
C. 9 Kgs
D. 46 Kgs

12.A CO2 portable extinguisher is annually checked by __________.
A. reading the gage pressure
B. weighing the extinguisher
C. discharging a small amount of CO2
D. seeing if the seal has been broken

13. Voyage data recorders (VDR) or simplified voyage data recorders (S-VDR) are required to be installed on board certain ships as per_____________
A.ISPS code
B.ISM code
C.Chapter V of Solas
D.None of the above

14. First rain water collected over canopy rain water harvesting arrangement has to be ____
A. Rationed to each member.
B. Given to sick and injured.
C. Thrown overboard.
D. Given to any one member

15.As per requirements of Marpol Annex -1, all ships of 400 gross tonnage and above:
A.Can carry fuel oil in fore peak, aft peak tanks and deep tanks
B.Cannot carry fuel oil in fore peak tank
C.Can carry fuel oil forward of collision bulkhead or aft of machinery space forward bulkhead, but not in the cargo area in case of tankers
D.Cannot carry more than 600 m3 of oil fuel in any single fuel tank

16. Fuel oil tank vents are fitted with a screen which will stop __________
A. oil from flowing out of the tank vent
B. air from entering the tank vent
C. vapors from leaving the tank vent
D. flames on deck from entering the tank vent

17.Fire hose couplings __________.
A. are made of bronze, brass, or soft alloy metals
B. should be painted red in order to identify hose lengths
C. are specially hardened to prevent crushing
D. should be greased frequently

18.Under which maritime instrument is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) issued?
A.CLC 1992
B.Fund convention
D.OPA 1990

19.Life boat should be capable of starting at ____.
A. - 15 dgr within 2min.
B. - 5 dgr within 2min.
C. 15 dgr within 2min.
D. 5 dgr within 2min.

20.Following should not be done to a person in frostbite.
A. Rubbing effected area.
B. Ask him to rest.
C. Remove wet cloths
D. Give him something warm to drink

21.A virtual rise in the center of gravity of a MODU may be caused by __________. 
A. filling a partially filled tank 
B. using fuel from a pressed fuel tank 
C.emptying a partially filled tank 
D. transferring pipe from the setback area to the pipe rack

22.Which of the following statements concerning Water Ingress Detection Equipment is False? 
A. The equipment is mandatory for bulk carriers under SOLAS Chapter XII 
B. The equipment consists of two alarms ??? pre alarm and main alarm 
C. Ballast spaces forward of collision bulkhead need to have only one main alarm at 10% depth 
D. The main alarm in holds is set at 15% depth but not exceeding 0.5 m

23.Emergency generators should be capable of being started at ambient temperature of ______________________ deg Centigrade. If lower temperatures are expected then ___________________should be provided., cold starting spray
B.-5, heating arrangements
C.Zero, heating arrangements
D.-5,cold starting spray

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