Steering Gear Motor And Hydrolic Safeties In Ships

Motor Side
>Electrical And Mechanical Stopper for rudder
>High temperature alarm
>Overload alarm.
>200% insulation in motor.
>High temperature alarm.
>Self-starting after power failure.
>Phase failure alarm.
>One of the steering motor is fed from the emergency bus.

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Hydraulic side 
>Relief valve
>Level switch low level, low low level alarm for hydraulic oil tank
>Manual bypass valve
>High lube oil temperature cut out
>High lube oil temperature cutout.

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  1. pls help me with this question.
    if pump #1 is running and the system is giving high oil temp alarm and the pump will b cut off will the standby pump start? if oil is taken from the same tank..then the oil will be still in high temperature right and will lead to high temp alarm . pls reply

  2. What is the meaning of 200% insulation? there is motor insulation class and it should be F or H class of insulation. It is nowhere mentioned 200% insulation. Kindly update it.

    1. It is an insulation level defines various insulation thicknesses within a single voltage rating. insulation Class are based on heat generated...

    2. Insulation classification is F only for steering gear motor. In some cases it is H. It can withstand with 200% of FLA as per SOLAS requirement, because it is designed to carry that much current. It has a thin wire in winding. there is a difference between Insulation Classification and Current carrying capacity of Motor.

  3. What is meant by 200℅ insulation in steering gear motors?

  4. how cylinder and piston wear of the hydraulic pump effects of the steering grar

  5. Difference between ballast n bunker tank heads??

  6. The meaning of 200% insulatioon is that ,It can stand 200% percent of Full Load Current.

    1. Insulation Classification and Current capacity is two different thing.

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