What is Scavenging ? Types Of Scavenging in Marine Diesel Engines

 What is Scavenging?
   Scavenging is the process of replacing the exhaust gas in a cylinder with the fresh air for the next cycle. Efficient scavenging is essential to ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air for combustion. In the four-stroke cycle engine there is an adequate overlap between the air inlet valve opening and the exhaust valve closing. With two-stroke cycle engines this overlap is limited and some slight mixing of exhaust gases and incoming air does occur. A number of different scavenging methods are in use in slow-speed two-stroke engines. In each the fresh air enters as the inlet port is opened by the downward movement of the piston and continues until the port is closed by the upward moving piston. The flow path of the scavenge air is decided by the engine port shape and design and the exhaust arrangements. 
     Three basic systems are in use: the cross flow, the loop and the uniflow.
All modern slow-speed marine diesel engines now use the uniflow scavenging system with a cylinder-head exhaust valve.

Types Of scavenging 
> Cross scavenging
           In cross scavenging the incoming air is directed upwards, pushing the exhaust gases before it. The exhaust gases then travel down and out of the exhaust ports.

> Loop scavenging
        In loop scavenging the incoming air passes over the piston crown then rises towards the cylinder head. The exhaust gases are forced before the air passes down and out of exhaust ports located just above the inlet ports.

> Uniflow scavenging 
     In uniflow scavenging the incoming air enters at the lower end of the cylinder and leaves at the top. The outlet at the top of the cylinder may be ports or a large valve.

> Cross scavenging requires the fitting of a piston skirt to prevent air or exhaust gas escape when the piston is at the top of the stroke.
> Loop scavenge arrangements have low temperature air and high temperature exhaust gas passing through adjacent ports, causing temperature differential problems for the liner material.
> Uniflow is the most efficient scavenging system but requires either an opposed piston arrangement or an exhaust valve in the cylinder head.
>  All three systems have the ports angled to swirl the incoming air and direct it in the appropriate path.

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