Main Engine Emergency Manoeuvring Procedure

Inform bridge and change over control to engine control room
>Put the blocking device on main engine governor to emergency position
Move the impact hand wheel to opposite position by turning it anticlockwise then disconnect the fuel pump from governor and connect it to regulating hand wheel on engine side control.
>Change over valve from remote to emergency control on engine side
>Unlock the fuel regulating handle lock and move it to start position.
>From engine side telephones check the communications with bridge
>On receiving order from bridge accept the telegraph and change over the valve to ahead or astern as required
>Check the indication lights on the panel green for ahead and red for astern
Press the start button and adjust the fuel regulating handle as required
>The stop button should be pressed before change over of ahead or astern direction
>Stop the engine using stop button provided. After stopping bring the fuel regulating handle to start position marked.

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