Regulation For Sewage Holding Tanks

>Applies to all ships that are: 400 gross tons or more, and Less than 400 gross tons but certified to carry more than 15 persons.

> A holding tank which is in accordance with the requirement developed by the Classification Society, which should include the amount of fluid, used to transport waste to the holding tank, the number of persons carried and the type of voyage the ship will be employed. 

>The device is installed in accordance with the society’s electrical standards. 

> The piping and installation are in accord with good marine practice and the standards of the Classification Society, and  A pipeline for the discharge of sewage to a shore side reception facility is properly installed. 

> Be installed as far away as possible from heat sources that can accelerate the growth of bacteria. 

> Be adequately vented to ensure that there are sufficient changes of air to remove any methane gases that may build up. 

> Shall have vents that are located away from any accommodation and work spaces and shall be screened to prevent the entry of insects and to act as a flame barrier should gases build up in the tank. 

> The design of the tank and its associated equipment (pumps, piping and water supply) shall be sufficient to ensure the tanks can be completely discharged and flushed clean.

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