Safety Precaution To Be Followed During Any Electrical Maintenance Work

  • DO get the to know the ship’s electrical system and equipment. Study the ship’s diagrams to pin point the location of switches and protection devices supplying distribution boards and essential items of equipments. Write down this information in a note book. Note the normal indications on switchboards instruments so that abnormal operation can be quickly detected.
  • Do operate the equipment according manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do maintain equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or the ship owner’s maintenance procedures.
  • Do check that circuits are dead (by using voltage tester) before touching conductors and terminals.
  • Do switch off and lock off supplies, remove fuses and display warning notices before removing covers of equipment for maintenance.
  • Do ensure that all guards, covers and doors are curely fitted and that all bolts and fitting are fitted and tight.
  • Do not neglect or abuse equipment.
  • Do not leave live conductors or rotating parts exposed.
  • Do not touch rotating parts.
  • Do not touch live conductors under any circumstances.

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