Sulzer Air Start Distributor

The air start distributor is driven from the main camshaft. The pilot valves, one for each cylinder, are arranged radially
around a cam profile. When not in use, the pilot valve followers are held off the cam by springs.

 When an ahead start signal is given, air at 30 bar enters the space above the servomotor piston, and passes through the start cut off valve to actuate the pneumatic valve, which allows air from the air start manifold to the pilot valves. The air pushes the pilot valves against the cam, and when each pilot valve is on the base of the cam, air can pass through to operate the main air start valve. As the cam pushes the pilot valve into the closed position, the line to the main air start valve is vented

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  1. This is impressive Vineeth. Thank you for sharing us this piece of knowledge. Can you tell us the brand and type of pilot valves and cylinders you used?
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