Work Permits Onboard Ship

In order to avoid accidents and eliminate the risk of fire or explosion on board it is necessary to follow the work permits before the work starts

Work permits
Example of work
Hot work permit
Welding, cutting
Enclose space entry permit
Tank inspections, Tank cleaning
Electrical work permit
Electrical repairing
Working aloft permit
Working at height
Working outboard permit
Works outside ship hull
Cold work permit

Work with power tools outside engine room
Small craft alongside permit
Bunker barge alongside
Under water work permit



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  1. Does a yacht owner need a permit to do electrical/plumbing work on a yacht.

  2. Are they immune to electric shocks? If the yacht owner has a permanent force field around them that would prevent them ever being shocked and therefore would make the electrical work safe then I'd say there is no need for a permit to work. If the yacht owner has super powers or is invincible then again not really necessary unless they are putting others at risk. If this is not the case and the yacht owner is in fact a normal human being then permit to work would be a sensible option.

  3. what is the meaning of electrical work permit?

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