Oily Water Separator (OWS) Principle and Working

Principle of Operation:
  •     The principle of operation of OWS is the gravity difference between oil and water
  •     The force acting on an oil globule causing it to move in the water is proportional to the difference in weight between the oil particle and a particle of water of equal volume.

        Fs = separating force
       Pw = density of water
 Po = density of oil globule
    d = diameter of oil globule
    g =  acceleration due to gravity

  •     The resistance to the movement of the globule depends on its size and viscosity of the fluid.
  •    For small particles moving under stream line flow the relationship between these properties is expressed by Strokes Law:
Fr  =  3pmnd

Fr = resistance to movemen
m = viscosity of fluid
n = terminal velocity of particle
d = diameter of oil particle

  •        When separation of an oil globule in water is taking place, 
 Fs = Fr 

Type of Filters used in OWS 
   Coalescence type:
  1.    Hydrophilic material i.e. glass wool.
  2.    Absorbs water rather than oil.
  3.    Has to be renewed after certain periods.
    Absorption type:
  1.   Oleophilic material
  2.   Absorbs oil rather than water.
  3.   Frequent replacement is not required.
High rate of separation is favored by:
  1.     Large size of oil globule.
  2.    Elevated temperature of the system ( i.e. lowers viscosity of oil, density of oil-water but oil is higher).
  3.    Residence time.
  4.    Avoidance of turbulence or agitation.
  5.    Laminar or stream line flow.
  6.    Low viscosity of oil globule.

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