What is Rudder Drop or Rudder wear down and How it measures?

What is Rudder Drop or Rudder wear down?

             "Rudder drop" - is actually the wear down of the rudder carrier bearing.It is measured by a 'trammel gauge'.

How Rudder Drop measures? 
         Rudder drop is measured by a 'trammel gauge'.

      How trammel gauge works              
          Trammel gauge is an L shaped instrument.Basically a point marked on the rudder stock and another point is marked on the hull inside the steering gear room(Here it is on the Deck head girder). The distance between these points is measured and recorded at the time of construction.The difference between original and measured is called rudder drop or rudder wear down as shown in fig.

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  1. how we come to know that rudder drop happened

    1. If there is a difference from original point you can say rudder drop happened

  2. How to measure while at sea?

  3. Can you specify the limit of rudder drop for which the carrier bearing has to be renewed.

  4. What could be the probable cause for the rudder to drop?

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