Various Rudder Inspections And Tests Carried Out In Dry Dock

 Rudder Inspections And Test Carried Out In Dry Dock
  1. Visual inspection of rudder plating for cracks.
  2. Air plugs and drain plugs are opened in front of the class surveyor. when water drains out it indicates crack in the rudder.
  3. So crack is detected by air pressure and applying soap solution.
  4. Check for rudder drop using trammel gauge.
  5. Check for jumping clearance, palm coupling bolt tightness and pintle clearance.
  6. Check the rudder stock for corrosion, errosion.
  7. Now lower portion of rudder is cut open and pintel nut is checked for proper securing and later the plates are welded and tested.
  8. Hydraulic test the rudder for a static head of about 2.45 m of sea water. 
  9. After draining and oiling the internals, plug the drain and check the effectiveness by a vacuum check and cement plug.
  10. The rudder stock gland packing has to be checked and renewed.


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