What is Bilge Keel And Its Purpose

     Bilge keel is the longitudinal structure that runs along much of the length down to the lower side of ship' s hull to reduce the rolling motion of the ship

>Dampen the rolling motion of the ship
>Increase longitudinal strength
>Protect bilge while grounding

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Construction Details
>Bilge keels are fitted low down either side of the ship hull
>keel tapered gradually at the ends to minimize the hydraulic drag.
>Bilge keels are not directly attached to the hull plate,a ground bar is attached to the bilge plate
>Ground bar to shell is connected by continuous fillet weld.




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    1. Fillet welding refers to the process of joining two pieces of metal together whether they be perpendicular or at an angle... It is nothing but a Teejoint...

  2. brp jarak kemiringan bilga keel pada kapal crahe base

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