What Is Center Of Gravity, Center of Buoyancy And Meta Center Of A Ship

Center Of Gravity
 > The weight of the ship is distributed all over its length and is acting downwards. we can consider that all the weight of the ship is acting downward, through a single point which is called the Center of Gravity
 >You can simply say that weight of the ship acting downward through one point is called CG
 > CG of ships can be calculated through inclination experiment

Center Of Buoyancy
 >When a body is placed in a fluid, the fluid exerts an upward force which is called buoyant force.Center of buoyancy is the point at which the whole buoyant force acts upwards
 >Center of buoyancy is the center of the immersed part of the ship's hull
 >If the vessel is floating upright , the Center of gravity and the center of buoyancy are in same line. 

 >It is the line drawn through center of buoyancy of a floating vessel and corresponding line through new center of buoyancy when the vessel is tilted.

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