Marpol Annex 2 Discharge Criteria For The Control Of Discharges Of Noxious Liquid Substances

                  The discharge into the sea of Annex 2 substances are categorized into  X, Y , Z or other Substances. All the discharges are made in full compliance with the Following operational requirements.

>All categories x,y and z shall be emptied to the maximum extent.
>The products in category X as well as high viscosity and solidifying substance in category Y will be subjected to prewash
>The ship should proceed en route at a speed of at least 7 knots
>Discharge should be made at a distance of  not less than 12 Nautical Miles from nearest land.
>The discharges should be made below the waterline through underwater discharge outlets in a depth of water of not less than 25 meters
>Rate of discharge should not exceed maximum rate for which the discharge outlet is designed
>No discharge is allowed in Special Areas ie, Antarctica area 

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