What Is Volumetric Efficiency? Reasons And Remedies of Drop In Volumetric Efficiency?

It is the ratio of the quantity of the air taken inside the cylinder to the stroke volume.

Volumetric Efficiency= Volume of the air taken/Stroke Volume

Reasons and Remedies of drop in volumetric efficiency

> Bumping Clearance  
Increase in bumping clearance leads drop in volumetric efficiency. Clearance can be rectified by changing cylinder head gasket with different thickness gasket   
> Valves are leaking.
Leaking valves also leads to drop in volumetric efficiency. Overhaul or change the valves with new one
> Piston rings are leaking.
Damaged piston rings also decrease the volumetric efficiency
> Liner worn out.
Because of worn out liner air blow pass to the crank case and leads to decrease in volumetric efficiency.  


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  1. A compressor’s volumetric efficiency (V) is defined by the ratio of actual volume of gas that it could suck if there was no such thing as clearance volume. Therefore, a compressor with less clearance volume should be more volumetrically efficient.It is very important factor to consider for proper work and maintaining of compressor efficiency. I appreciate that you addressed this topic here and explained.

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