Co2 Flooding System (Fixed Fire Fighting System) Working with diagram, Components, Maintenance, Operating procedure

Why Carbon Dioxide is used as the Extinguishing Medium?
Carbon dioxide has a number of desirable properties. It is:
> Non-corrosive
> Non -damaging
>leaves no residues after extinguishing fire
> Not -conductive of electricity so can be used in electrical fire
> Since its a gas, it can can penetrate almost all hazardous areas
> Co2 can be easily liquefied by compression and cooling
> Co2 has density of about 50% greater than the air

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Components In Co2 System

>Control cabinets
       Control cabinets contains 2 pilot cylinders with two valves .one is for operating Master valve and the other one is for extinguishers . Control cabinet door is connected to a limit switch. When you open the control cabinet, limit switch get activated and Co2 alarm will raise after 20-30 seconds and as a result engine room blowers will stop automatically.One cylinder is capable for operating Master valve and co2 cylinders . second one act as a standby.

> Co2 Cylinders
Co2 cylinders are connected together to a common manifold, which can be operated remotely as well as manually.Co2 bottles contains liquid co2 at a pressure of 56 bar at 20 degree Celsius.
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> Isolating valve/Master valve
Isolating valve or master valve is a pressure operated valve system, which is normally closed, installed in the pipe line. It can be operated remotely and manually.

> Pressure relief valve
If co2 cylinder leaks into the manifold, there is a possibility of of opening other cylinders by its stored pressure . so when the manifold pressure increases above set point, pressure relief valve  is lifted and releases the pressure outside the Co2 room.

> Discharge Nozzle
Discharge nozzles are installed in the machinery space through which liquid Co2 get gasified instantaneously thereby causing the atmosphere in the space to become inert and smothering the fire.

> Pressure gauge And Air connection
There is a pressure gauge and air connection which will help you to do the pressure testing and line blowing.

Operating procedure.
> Open control cabinet using the key provided in the key box ( alarm will rise automatically and blowers will be stopped)
>Ensure that all personals are evacuated and the space is isolated by stopping of all vents,doors, blowers etc.
> Shut down the machines and fuel oil supply
> Open pilot valve cylinder valve
> Open the valve for Main manifold valve
> Make sure that the Main valve is open, if not manually open the valve
> Open the pilot valve for extinguisher cylinders(If it's not opening open it manually)
> Now the CO2 gas will discharge.

Maintenance On Co2 System
 > Once in every month
          Inspect for piping and equipment for mechanical breakage
          Make sure that nothing has been placed to interfere the normal operation of the system
          Operate the valve several times and make certain that it does not stick

> Once In Every Year
          Cylinder should be weighed to determine the Co2 content
          If the net weight is decreased by 10% of the actual weight, cylinder should be recharged
> Once In Every Two Year
          Blow through all pipping with air or Co2 to make sure that the line is not blocked

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  1. Why 2 minute is given for recharging a CO2 from CO2 bottles ???

  2. Someone from the outside looking in might think the notion of choosing a maintenance strategy is as simple as choosing between 'repair it' or 'replace it', and that's not entirely inaccurate. plumber Glenfield

  3. please do I need to disconnect the cylinder from manifold before blow the line with air

    1. No.. no need to disconnect any cylinder.. air is blowing after the master valve

  4. Do I need to disconnect pilot cylinder while the safety pin is intact before the blowing the lines ?

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