SOLAS Regulations For Steering Gear, Relief valve and Steering Gear Control

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conventions regulates the design of steering gears. You can have a look at  the main points of requirements here.

>Every ship should be provided with Main steering gear and Auxiliary steering gear.
>The steering gear must be served by at least 2 circuits; one from main switchboard and the other from an emergency switch board
> Main Steering gears are capable of displacing the Rudder 35 degree port to 35 degree starboard at maximum draft and maximum service speed.
> It should be capable of displacing the Radar from 35 degree port to 30 degree starboard in 28 seconds and vice versa
> Auxiliary steering gear should be capable of coming into action rapidly. it should be capable of steering the ship over from 15' on one side 15' on the other side in not more than 60 sec with the ship at its max seagoing draught with a speed of  7 notes or half the speed
> A shock relieving mechanism should be fitted to overcome heavy weather
> To maintain rudder stationery a braking arrangement should be provided.
> A single failure of piping cannot reflect the integrity of the remaining parts of steering gear

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Relief Valve
> Relief valve setting should not be greater than 1.25 Times of working pressure
> Discharge capacity of relief valve should not be greater than 110 percentage off pump capacity
> Relief valve should function when radar contact with some foreign object and get stuck
> Rise in pressure should not exceed more than 10 % of setting pressure
Steering gear control
> Steering gear should be controlled from Naga navigation Bridge and steering compartment
> Both the steering gears should be operated independent from Bridge
> In case of failure of any one of the steering gears; the second should be started within 45 seconds automatically
> Audio and visual alarms to be provided in navigation Bridge for failure of power to the steering gear and control system
> Only overload alarm is provided no overload trip
> Gyro should be provided at steering gear room
> Radar angle indicator should be fitted in navigation bridge, steering compartment and Bridge wing

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