Meo Class 4 Exam: Eligibility, Courses, Syllabus, Booking, Results, Procedure

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What Is MEO Class 4 Exam?
> MEO stands for Marine Engineering Officer. 
> MEO Class 4 Examination is the first step to become a marine engineer. 
> You should pass the exam to become a certified marine engineer

Eligibility Of MEO Class 4 Exam
> Sailing period:
For Motor – a minimum of 6 months (183 days)
For Steam – a minimum of 6 months (183 days)
For combined Steam & Motor – 8 months (4 months on Motor + 4 months on Steam)

> Propulsion period:
For Motor – a minimum of 4 months (121 days)
For Steam – a minimum of 4 months (121 days)
For combined Steam & Motor – 6 months (3 months on Motor + 3 months on Steam)
> Engine Power: Main Engine of power minimum 750KW or more.
> Sea service letter is required to apply the exam

Courses Before Applying MEO Class 4 Exam
 After 6 months onboard training all candidates should complete following 4 courses
> Medical First Aid (MFA)
> Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)
> Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB)
> Engine Room Simulator (ERS)

Certificates Required to Register for MEO Class 4
> Passport
> CDC with the proper entry of sea service details.
> Class 10th Certificate
> 10+2 / diploma Certificate
> Graduation Certificate
> Pre-Sea Training Certificate
> Sea Service Letter From the company with proper details and signature
> Sea Service Testimonials (you can contact the company if you missed the same)
> All STCW Certificates
> Advanced Modular Course Certificates

MEO Class 4 Syllabus/Subjects/Functions 
MEO Class 4 examination consists of 2 parts :(Part A + Part B)
Part B is compulsory for all candidates, but Part A is exempted for Graduated (GME/ME) candidates.

Part : A (For Btech)
(Total 4 Papers)  
Part : B (For all candidates including GME and BTech)
Total 10 Papers : 6 written + 4 orals

4 Oral Papers are,
Note: Some surveyors asks full form of each functions in Oral Exams
> Function 3:- Controlling Operations of ships & care for persons
on board at operational level (COSCPOOL)
> Function 4 :-Marine Engineering at Operational Level (MEOL)
> Function 5:- Electronics and Control Engineering at
Operational Level (EECEOL)
> Function 6:- Maintenance & Repair at Operational Level (MROL)

6 Written Examination Papers are,
> Marine Engineering Knowledge : General
> Marine Engineering Knowledge : Motor
> Ship Safety & Environment Protection
> Marine Engineering Practice
> Ship Construction and stability
> Marine Electro technology

Booking Procedure MEO Class 4 Exam
 If you are completed all eligibility criteria explained above, you can proceed for exam booking.
> Visit the Epariksha page. link:-
> Click on “Register New User” 
      After filling all the mandatory filled / uploading necessary documents and paying assessment fee
details in the application form, you can submit it for approval. 

> Verification of documents
Take the printout 2 sets of the application and certificates as listed above for the verification. Carry your all original certificates at the time of verification.

Booking of Oral And Written Exam reffer the booklet given below


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