How to detect Hotspot? What will be your action After hotspot/Oilmist alarm?

How to Detect Hotspot
> High bearing temperature
> Abnormal noise in crankcase, irregular running engine
> Temperature of crankcase door will be higher
> Oil Mist alarm
> Smelling & appearance of the dense oil mist when open breather pipe, drain cock

Action After Oil Mist Alarm or Primary Explosion  
> Reset the alarm, still persisting inform bridge and chief engineer and prepare for speed reducing.
> Start stby generator 
> Reduce the engine speed to reduce the heat generation
>Increase the cylinder lubrication
> Keep clear off crankcase relief door to prevent personnel injury, keep fire extinguisher ready and open skylight.
> Stay away from crankcase relief door to prevent personal injury, keep fire extinguisher ready.
> Inform bridge, stop engine, open indicator cocks, engage turning gear and turn engine with lube oil circulation continuing to prevent engine seizure.
> Wait until the engine is sufficiently cooled down (you can make out this by piston cooling temperature), stop lube oil pumps and open crank case door.
> Locate the hot spot by hand feeling over and by observation like change in colour.
> If the hot spot is located, prevent re-occurrence by making permanent repair.
> Pay particular attention to hot bearings, piston, bottom end bolts, guides and piston rod around stuffing box.
> Start lube oil pumps and check for proper flow of oil from every lubrication point.
> If everything is found normal, inform bridge, start the engine and gradually increase speed.

Action After Secondary Explosion
           Wrong measures during oil mist detector alarm or malfunctioning of OMD leads secondary explosion.Secondary explosion causes very severe damage to engine plating
> Inform bridge and chief engineer and  prepare for engine stop.
> Increase the cylinder lube oil to prevent engine seizure
> Stop engine
> If there is fire alarm trigger, means your crankcase ruptured and fire break outside the crank case.(not recommenced to go bottom platform for checking)
> Start preparing for fire fighting

How To Fight Crank Case Fire?
> Crank case fire is an oil fire so we can use all the extinguishing methods which can be used for oil fire.

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