What is The Material Used For Ship Building

  Classification societies publish rules and regulations for the strength of the ship

Mild steels

 Mild steel or low carbon steel in several grades has been used as a ship structural material because of its mechanical properties and low cost

 There are mainly four grades of steel specified by classification societies based on the degree of notch toughness (Notch toughness is the ability that a material possesses to absorb energy in the presence of a flaw).

  Grade A

  Grade B

  Grade D

  Grade E

      Grade A is least toughness while grade D has great notch toughness.

    High Tensile Steels which have higher strength than that of mild steel are employed in the more stressed regions of large tankers, container ships and bulk carriers

Aluminium Alloys: The major advantage of aluminium alloy over mild steel is its weight. Aluminium alloys are much lighter than steel. The most often used Al-alloys in shipbuilding are the 5083 type for plates and 6082 for extrusions

Shell Plating: Steel Plates

Superstructures: Aluminium alloys used in accommodation of passenger ship to reduce weight

Watertight doors: Mild steel or cast steel

Stern Frame: Cast, forged, or fabricated from steel plate

Rudder Stock: Cast or forged steel

Propellers: Copper alloys such as brass

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