Fire Main Line Diagram & Components

 Below you can see a basic line diagram of fire main


> Main Fire pump: The main fire pumps located in the engine room at bottom platform, electrically driven prime movers. Normally a connection is given to the general service line from these pumps.

> Emergency fire pump: It is situated outside the engine room and supplied from emergency switch board or having independent prime movers. 

> Fire hydrant: Fire hydrant is a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply.

> Isolation valves: Isolation valves are provided to isolate the accommodation, deck or engine room fire lines in case of rupture of any of these sections. Located in easily accessible place deck.

> Relief valves: These valves are provided to prevent excessive pressure in any part of the fire main system.

> Drain valves: Drain valve is fitted to drain the fire line when not in use & also prevent the damage to pipe due to icing, while V/L is operating in Sub-zero temperature area.

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