Maintenance On Co2 Fixed Fire Fighting System

 Maintenance On Co2 System

Things you should follow before maintenance,

> Inform the bridge before going inside the CO2 room.

> Start ventilation blowers first and the room should be ventilated for some time.

> Go with a person with proper communication equipment.


> Check all cylinders are properly secured.

> Make sure that nothing has been placed to interfere the normal operation of the system

> Check all the operating levers and their accessories are properly tight.

> Check clamping.

> Check valve actuator.

Once in every month

> All the weakly checks

> Inspect for piping and equipment for mechanical breakage            

> Operate the valve several times and make certain that it does not stick

> Open the cabinet door and check the alarm and ventilation cut off working.

Once In Every Year

> All the monthly checks

> Cylinder should be weighed to determine the Co2 content

> If the net weight is decreased by 10% of the actual weight, cylinder should be recharged

Once In Every Two Year

> All the checks in yearly

> Blow through all piping with service air @ 25 bar pressure or Co2 to make sure that the line is not blocked

Once In Every Five Year

> All the above

> Spring loaded relief valve pressure test @ 180 bar.

10 Yearly

> Cylinder pressure test @ 250 bar ( after the first 10 year cylinder to be tested every 5 year.)

15 yearly

 Pressure testing of line by suitable liquid

 > Cylinder to master valve: @ 170 bar

 > Master valve to E/R or Cargo hold valve: @ 80 bar

 > E/R or Cargo hold to nozzle: @ 6-7 bar

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