Automatic Sprinkler System on Ship Working

   The system consists of sprinkler heads, control valve, pressure tank, a pump and alarm system. Below you can see a typical diagram of sprinkler system

> The pressurized water tank is half filled with fresh water. 

> Compressed air is connected at the top and keep the tank pressurized with the help of an electric compressor

>  The sprinkler head consists of a quartzoid bulb which bursts when the temperature increases beyond the limit.

> When the sprinkler head bursts and comes into operation, the non return valve in the line opens and water starts flowing. 

> Due to this flow there is a drop of pressure in the line and the alarm activates for the particular section, indicating fire in the section.

> This system is also connected to sea water pump which can supply water to the system in case the water in the pressure tank is used up.

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