Various Rudder Inspections And Tests Carried Out In Dry Dock

 Rudder Inspections And Test Carried Out In Dry Dock

> Visual inspection of rudder plating for cracks.

> Air plugs and drain plugs are opened in front of the class surveyor. when water drains out it indicates crack in the rudder.

> So crack is detected by air pressure and applying soap solution.

> Check for rudder drop using trammel gauge.

> Check for jumping clearance, palm coupling bolt tightness and pintle clearance.

> Check the rudder stock for corrosion, erosion.

> Now the lower portion of rudder is cut open and the pintle nut is checked for proper securing and later the plates are welded and tested.

> Hydraulic test the rudder for a static head of about 2.45 m of sea water. 

> After draining and oiling the internals, plug the drain and check the effectiveness by a vacuum check and cement plug.

> The rudder stock gland packing has to be checked and renewed.

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