Battery Basics That You Should Know

    Batteries are one of the energy sources available on board vessels which are used in case of blackout and emergency situations on board a ship. Some batteries are used to start the engines and some portable equipment.

> Ship batteries are usually rated at 24 volt DC

> In some ships battery is the only source of emergency power in that case hundred volt or 220 volt may be used

The main to type of rechargeable batteries are  lead acid battery, Alkaline

> To produce 24 Volt 12 lead acid cells (each cell is 2V) are connected in series.

> In case of alkaline batteries 20 alkaline cells (each cell having 1.2V) are connected in series to produce 24V.

Nowadays maintenance free batteries are used for following.

General : Emergency Lights, Power of control line, etc.

Radio : Emergency power of Radio equipment

Lifeboat : Starting system of Life boat engine

Emergency Generator : Starting system of Emergency Generator engine

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