Emergency Starting Procedure of Marine Boilers

 Please note that most of the safety features are bypassed in emergency mode only low low water level trip & flame failure trip works in emergency mode.

> Turn the key to emergency mode in local control panel

> Start the FD fan

> Make sure that there is no alarm for low water level (In the case of alarm fill the water above low water level because low water level is not bypassed in emergency firing)

> Purge the furnace by opening the inlet vanes to maximum position by controlling the air vane controller in local panel or near the FD fan

> The air-flow to be kept maximum for at least 2 minutes

> Adjust the steam-regulating valve for atomizing steam by means of hand wheel or actuator

> The atomizing steam pressure to be maintained in the range of 2-3 bar

> Set the air flow to ignition load position at approx. 18-22% load by reducing the inlet vanes angle for combustion air fan

> Set the oil flow to ignition load position to approximately 18-22% load by controlling the oil flow regulating valve

> Press the pilot burner ignition button for oil valves inside the control panel

> Once the pilot burner is ignited, push the power button for main burner and as soon as the main burner ignites, release the pilot burner button

> The burner is now in operation, and you can make the adjustment by controlling air and fuel knobs.

> The final settings must be determined by visual checks of the flame and the flue gas

> Adjust steam-atomizing pressure through steam regulating valve

> If the steam atomizing pressure is too low at a given burner load, the flame has a tendency to sparkle. Furthermore, the flame becomes unstable at low loads due to poor atomization of the oil

> If the steam atomizing pressure is too high, the combustion zone is cooled, and the flame becomes unstable at low loads

> To ensure that the burner receives sufficient amount of oil, it might be necessary to adjust the oil pressure on the pressure-regulating valve

> If the burner is operating on heavy fuel oil, adjustment of the oil temperature might be necessary at large burner load variations

> The oil temperature should be adjusted on the steam-regulating valve for the pre-heaters by means of manually operated hand wheel on the actuator

> The water level must be carefully and continuously supervised during operation of the boiler plant

> When one of the feed water pumps is in operation, the water level can be regulated on the feed water control valve by means of manually operated hand wheel on the actuator

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