Inspection and Maintenance of Battery Room Onboard

> Check for any abnormality externally, battery installation and its charging 

> Battery room environment must be dry and well ventilated.

> Battery tops shall be clean and dry, and terminal nuts must be tight and a smear of petroleum jelly applied to prevent corrosion.

> Electrolyte at proper level, and shall have the correct value of specific gravity by checking with a hydrometer.

> Rubber gloves and goggles used when handling electrolyte.

> Charging equipment checked for dirt, overheating, loose connection and correct functioning of indicators.

> Ventilation arrangement for battery locker checked. Battery installation of both lead acid and alkaline needs good ventilation.

> Since both types generate hydrogen gas during charging, no smoking and naked light allowed.

> Steel works and decks adjacent to lead acid batteries, should be painted with acid proof paint. [For Cad-Ni cell, alkaline resistance paints.

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