Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

     Regular maintenance is required to ensure biological treatment process is running smoothly and there is no malfunctions with the risk of anaerobic process resulting formation of methane gas and toxic fumes


> Check for any abnormal alarms

> Check smell and abnormal noise from blower and pump

> Check the sludge return flow from settling tank to aeration chamber 

> Check the chemical dosing tank


> Take a sludge content test

> check chlorine content of effluent 


> Check aeration lines are clear. If solenoid valves are present check the working of the same.

> Do backwash if the sludge content is high

> Check that there is no obstruction in the venting line

> Inspect the tank’s external and internal coatings for corrosion

> Try out all the external valves

> Try out high level alarms


> Empty whole system and clean thoroughly 

> Clean the floats for pump cut in and cut of as well as high level alarm

> Replace the gaskets if required

> Replace the non return valve in case of vacuum STP

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