Piston Ring Clearance, Types and Measurements in Marine Diesel Engines

           The piston ring sits in a machined grooves in the piston. Clearances are essential to allow movements and thermal expansion of the piston ring. There are two types of clearances checked onboard.

Axial Clearance

      It is the clearance between the ring and the groove

Measured using Feeler Gauge in four different points for each ring.

Radial Clearance

       The radial clearance is the difference between the groove depth and ring width

Measured using Vernier caliper.

Butt Clearance

        It is the clearance between the end butt of the ring inside the liner

To Measure the but clearance, place the ring inside the liner and impression can be taken on a paper by applying Prussian blue pate at the but ends, gap between the impressions measured using scale.


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