Scavenge Space Inspection Procedure

 Scavenge inspection should be carried in every month when the ship is in port or anchor


> Inform port and get permission from authorities if the ship is in port
> Shut off main air starting valve and air bottle main valve
> Open indicator cocks and engage turning gear
> Ensure engine has been tuned for at least half an hour before stopping the lube oil pump and cross head lubrication pump
> Stop lube oil pumps and place the  circuit breakers in off position
> Post poster " man at work' in desired positions
> Inform duty officer for propeller clearance
> Open crankcase door and ventilate properly
> Wear all protective clothing eg- helmet, boots, gloves etc
> Use safety lamps, torches and tools
> All pockets should be emptied of contents and all tool taken inside must to be accounted.
> One responsible person must stand outside
> Clean Scavenge space thoroughly remove all carbon deposits and sludge deposits.
> Check scavenge ports for the amount of carbon deposits
> Check piston top, cylinder and piston rings
>  Check check the lube oil flow through cylinderoil quills 

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