What is Cavitation, Causes and Remedies


  Cavitation can occur when the pump suction contains air or when the pump is running faster than the designed speed

     Cavitation is the formation and accumulation of bubbles around a pump impeller. This tends to form in liquids of any viscosity as they are being transported through and around a pump system. When each of these tiny bubbles collapses or bursts, it creates a high energy shock wave inside the liquid. These shock waves hit the impeller and other pump components which cause erosion over time.


> Air leakage to suction side

> Pressure in the suction side is less than the vapour pressure of that pumping liquid

> High temperature

> Throttled suction valve

> Pump running faster than the designed

> Pump taking suction lower than designed


> Decreased Flow or Pressure

> Erratic Power Consumption

> Pitting

> Noise

> Vibration

> Decrease in the pump efficiency.

How to Prevent Cavitation

> Reduce motor speed (RPMs). Note: Slowing the pump down will reduce flow rate and head pressure.

> Incorporate a booster pump into your pump system. This will take some of the stress off of your primary pump.

> If possible, reduce the temperature of your pump, liquid, and/or other components.

> Increase liquid level around the suction area.

> Always keep NPSHA  greater than NPSHR

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