What is Ovality of Auxiliary Engine Crank Pin? Check

Ovality of Auxiliary Engine
> The distortion of the cross section of pipe or tube from its normal shape is called ovality
> In case of diesel engines ovality can be of connecting road crank pin crankshaft cylinder bore etc.
> Micrometer is used to check the agent ovality and if it's out of limit one can go for replacement to avoid future damages

Ovality in crank pin
> It is caused because of directional thrust, lube oil failure, uneven loading of cylinders, overloading etc.
> Maximum allowed is 1/4th of bearing clearance
> Measured by an external micrometer taking fillet for oil grove as reference and compare it with previous readings
> It can be removed by grinding up-to to 2 mm depth

You can answer following question
> What is ovality of crank pin?
> What instrument used to measure the ovality?
> What is the maximum allowable bearing clearance?

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