You Should Know These Questions Before Appearing Any MEO Class 4 Oral Exam

 These questions are general questions but very important if you fails to answer these questions surveyor have a bad impression on you most of the time these questions asked at the beginning of the oral exam starts.

> What is the full form of your appearing function?
> What is the Type of ship you sailed?
> What is the dead weight of your ship?
> Cargo carried in your vessel
> What is your main engine make, capacity, model, fullform?
> what is the boiler make, model, capacity, type of burner?
> What is the fixed firefighting system on your ship?
> What is the make, model, and capacity of Auxiliary Engine?
> Fresh Water generator production max capacity? how much producing now? if the production is less then why?
> Purifier Gravity disc Size?
> Normal parameters of each machinery especially ME, AE, Compressor, purifier, boiler ( at least you should have vague idea )
> Alarm level values of each machinery ( not imp)

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