How to Charge Refrigeration Plant on Ships?

 Charging can be done by two method,

   > Vapour charging

   > Liquid Charging

Vapour charging

    In vapour charging vapour refrigerant introduced in the suction side of the compressor

Liquid Charging

   In Liquid charging liquid refrigerant charge through the charging point provided near the receiver.



> Kept the charging Bottle on weighing machine note down the weight

> Connect the bottle to charging valve with connection pipe

> Before connecting to the charging valve remove air by crack open the bottle

> Tighten the cap and open bottle valve fully, charging valve is still closed

> Change compressor to manual running and start it

> Close the condenser outlet valve

> Open the charging valve slowly when suction pressure is just above zero.

> Control the valve opening slowly

> Monitor the level through condenser sight glass

> Close the charging valve

> pumping down the entire charge until suction pressure just above zero

> Stop the compressor and close the discharge valve.

> Cooling water kept running for an hour.

> Purge air through the purging valve provided on condenser top

> Calculate the amount of refrigerant by weighing the cylinder.

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