Emergency Fire Pump Regulation

 Solas Requirement of Emergency Fire Pump

>Not less than 40% of the total capacity of main fire pump

>Not less than 25 cu. m/hr (in any case)

     Cargo ships:-

     6000 GRT & above                                              =  2.8 bar
     1000 – 6000 GRT                                                 = 2.6 bar
    Passenger ships:-
      4000 GRT & above                                              =  3.2 bar
      1000 – 4000 GRT                                                 =  2.8 bar

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>Jet/ Capability:
      At least 2 jets not emanating from the same hydrant, using one hose length should be able to give a throw of 12 m.

>Sea suction valve:
Should be able to be operated from near the emergency fire pump.

>Suction head:
Total suction head not to exceed 4.5 m under all conditions of list and trim

>Drive type:
Generally diesel engine driven-should be able to started by hand cranking to 0*C ambient temperature.
If the prime mover is electric motor then should have connection with emg. generator

>Self priming:
           Attached with a self priming mechanism
>Suction pipe should not have any flanges 

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  1. Thank you marinesite..its great to find useful information here..

  2. Please mention the location of emergency fire pump. Which is placed on main deck and there should not be any direct access from engine room to emergency fire pump.

  3. As per SOLAS chapter 2-2 regulation 10 2.1.6 Pressure :
    .1 for passenger ships:
    4,000 gross tonnage and upwards 0.40 N/mm2
    less than 4,000 gross tonnage 0.30 N/mm2
    .2 for cargo ships:
    6,000 gross tonnage and upwards 0.27 N/mm2
    less than 6,000 gross tonnage 0.25 N/mm2

    Please correct if i make any mistake. This is from 2009 consolidated edition.


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