Emergency Fire Pump Regulation

 Solas Requirement of Emergency Fire Pump

>Not less than 40% of the total capacity of main fire pump

>Not less than 25 cu. m/hr (in any case)

     Cargo ships:-

     6000 GRT & above                                              =  2.8 bar
     1000 – 6000 GRT                                                 = 2.6 bar
    Passenger ships:-
      4000 GRT & above                                              =  3.2 bar
      1000 – 4000 GRT                                                 =  2.8 bar

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>Jet/ Capability:
      At least 2 jets not emanating from the same hydrant, using one hose length should be able to give a throw of 12 m.

>Sea suction valve:
Should be able to be operated from near the emergency fire pump.

>Suction head:
Total suction head not to exceed 4.5 m under all conditions of list and trim

>Drive type:
Generally diesel engine driven-should be able to started by hand cranking to 0*C ambient temperature.
If the prime mover is electric motor then should have connection with emg. generator

>Self priming:
           Attached with a self priming mechanism
>Suction pipe should not have any flanges 

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