Emergency Generator Regulations

  Solas Requirement of Emergency Generator
>Emergency switch board And emergency generator should located above the uppermost continuous deck.

>Main switch board or any machinery space will not interface with the supply,control and distribution of emergency electrical power.

>Emergency switch board should be in same space where the emergency generator is located.

>Driven by a suitable prime mover with an independent supply of fuel,having a flash point of not less than 43degreeC.

>Generated power should be capable of supplying all those services that are essential for safety in an emergency.

>Should be capable of giving power up to the periods of 18hrs for cargo ships 36hrs for passenger ships

>Emergency generator should be easily startable at zero degree and if the temp is below this heating arrangement should be provided.

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                            > List Of equipment connected with emergency generator

>Should have automatic starting system

                  >Primary (battery)
                - Should be charged fully at all times
                 - Dedicated only to start the prime mover
                 - Capable of providing 3 consecutive starts
                >Secondary(pneumatic or hydrolic )
                    - Capable of providing 3 consecutive starts within 30 mins

>It should comes on load automatically with in 45s after the failure of main power supply 

>Should give full rated power, when the ship is up right and when inclined at any angle of list up to 22.5degree or inclined 10 degree either aft or fwd.

>If fails to come on load , then indication to be given in the ECR


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