Solas Requirement For Fixed Co2 System And Co2 Bottles

Carbon Dioxide Fixed Fire Fighting System Requirements

>Should have two separate release controls
>50% should be discharged with in 1mint and 85% with in 2 minutes

>Capacity  >>In cargo space 30% of gross volume
                 >>Engine room 40% of gross volume
>Permanent piping Should be there up to bilge and tank top

>Distribution manifold and  piping tested to 122bar
>Distribution piping more than 19mm diameter
>Pipes to cargo spaces not to pass through E/R unless all pipes tested to 122bar
>Should have an alarm when it operates
>Automatically trip the blowers and make alarm when it operates
>Safeguard against Unauthorized usage
>Cu pipes And high flexible pipes allowed between cylinder outlet valve and manifold
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Requirements of Co2 bottle

>Recharge  if  5% loss

>Secured against movement and vibrations
>All bottles labeled with 52bar
>have bursting disc At 63degreeC and 177-193bar
>Hydraulically tested to 228bar
>Co2 bottle room temperature should be less than 55degreeC


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  1. can the co2 room ventilation starter placed at the co2 room?

    1. ventilators are provided inside room for removing toxic co2 in case of leakage. If inside co2 room starter then u will die without ventillation thats reason outside co2 room

  2. co2 system 10 yealry checks please explain??

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